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The project was successfully implemented on Kickstarter and is being prepared for publication in the printing house. Release and dispatch is approximately in the month of May. After payment, you will be added to the general delivery lists of the Kickstarter Backers of the Egyptium project


Exclusive Egyptium deck

about the Gods and the Ancient history of Egyptian Civilization created by the artist's handwork


$46 Two "Egyptium" decks (+shipping $7)

$69 Three "Egyptium" Decks | Mixed set (+shipping $7)

$132  "Egyptium" Half brick \ 6 "Egyptium" Decks Mixed Set (+shipping $15)

$216 "Egyptium" One brick \ 12 "Egyptium" Decks  (+shipping $24)


Pre-Order \ Egyptium playing cards

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  • The set is made and sent from Russia. Don't forget to add the international shipping cost of $7.